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Frames designed for every aspect of your life. Whether it’s commuting, bike-packing, trails, rides to the pub or days out with the kids. It’s the one bike you can grab and go - anywhere.


The bike you’ve been trying to build in your shed for over a decade.


If you’re like us, your ride is constantly evolving as you wind your way through the singletrack of life. It’s not always practical to have four bikes parked up in your garage to suit your mood. That’s why we designed the Bunker. A true adventure frame, designed with geometry to allow hours in the saddle and miles under the tyres. We created this frame specifically to allow you to raid your parts bin and build it in a weekend. Then tweak it and tune it to suit your everyday adventures.

The Bunker Frame


We use the finest Japenese Sanko steel tubing, fully heat treated to offer 15% more strength whilst keeping the weight low. Super neat welds, subtle reinforcing gussets and intricate cnc finished dropouts make the ride light and lively. The Bunker features all the braze-ons you would expect. Rack and guard mounts plus triple bottle cage mounts. A 12mm thru axle keeps the back end stiff, and a threaded 73mm BB shell gives a firm platform and ensures easy trail replacement on your wilder adventures. Our frames feature an anti-corrosion protective coating inside and out, and external powder coat finish. Frames come with a thru axle, seat clamp and lifetime warranty.


Femur Fork

Designed alongside our Bunker frame, the Femur fork features the same high spec details with rack and guard mounts, ‘anything’ triple cage mounts on the legs, 12mm thru axle and post mount CNC finished disc brake mount. 415mm crown to axle. Perfectly matched with the Bunker frame and equally at home on any adventure bike. Forks are supplied with thru axle and a lifetime warranty.


Bike Packer

never come home

Load up and blaze a trail that would make Forrest Gump proud.


Trail Rider

hours on every trail

Go old school and build up a lean, mean trail machine.



The ultimate ride to work

Getting to work has never been so much fun.



Load it up

You couldn’t fit more luggage if you tried.

The Malvern “an achingly trendy gravel bike”


“Slender tubes, external cables and a threaded bottom bracket make for an appealingly simple package.”


“If this is what your roads look like, [potholes and loose tarmac] then this should be your road bike”



8.0/10 '“The feel of steel with a unique twist”
’Quality steel frame with smart detailing'“
”Smooth ride and lively handling”
’Well thought out build spec”